Lappish Ceremony

Step your foot across the Arctic Circle

One small step for you, one great experience for all. Stepping across the Arctic Circle is a magical moment only a select few in history have experienced.

1st of November until 15th of April
30-40 min.
Departs from
Location of your choice (9am-17pm)
Min. person
55 € / person

About tour

As the Arctic Circle is one the world’s most remote destinations, it’s no wonder that crossing the dividing line between the Northern Temperate zone and the Arctic is a popular item on many bucket lists. Celebrate this unforgettable occasion with a real Lappish shaman, who happily shares words of wisdom from an age largely lost in the mists of time. You will also receive a unique “I crossed the Arctic Circle”-certificate to commemorate this special event.


Note: We need a list of names for the certificates, preferably two weeks in advance.


  • Meet a real Lappish shaman
  • Beautiful Arctic nature


  • Entrance tickets to Flying Reindeer Farm
  • Certificate for crossing the Arctic Circle
  • Hot drinks at Lappish goahti
For groups only

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