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Discover the magic of Lappish wilderness

A combination of unique location and cozy shelter from the elements mixed with great food ensures a true Northern Lights extravaganza.

Northern Lights Platform

One of the most important things when it comes to seeing the Northern Lights is location. Sky Aurora Station is situated 20 kilometers outside the city lights of Rovaniemi, 300 meters above the sea level, ensuring an unobstructed view of the night sky. Our platform has room up to 50 eager aurora hunters, which means everyone has plenty of space to snap pictures. Come and enjoy a panoramic 360 degree view of the starry sky and the surrounding Lappish wilderness.  

Lappish Goahti

It’s not uncommon that temperatures drop below -20C during Lappish winter. As we don’t want to turn into human-shaped ice cubes while waiting for the Northern Lights to light up the sky, we have a traditional Lappish goahti to keep us warm. Inside this spacious wooden hut you can find everything you need for a relaxing aurora hunting experience, from an atmospheric fireplace to comfy reindeer hides. And don’t forget to keep an eye on windows, so you won’t miss any auroras frolicking in the heavens!

Reindeer Corral

It has often been said that reindeer are synonymous with Lapland. No other animal captures the magic of the region as well as this fabled creature, best known for playing a major role in Christmas lore. Sky Aurora Station is conveniently located next to a corral, where you can observe reindeer in real life. Most of the year reindeer graze freely in the wild, but some herders have fenced winter areas for reindeer to keep them together and safe from predators.


You’re enjoying the great outdoors, taking in all the sights and sounds of Lappish nature. Then it happens. Your stomach starts to growl, the hunger pangs strike. What to do? Fear not, dear aurora hunter, we’ve got you covered. A traditional Lappish outdoor meal, cooked over an open fire, will be served to you. So gather around the fireplace and indulge your taste buds with this authentic Arctic experience!